where do we find our inspiration?

“Aspire to Inspire”

-Carli Bybel

Some one very important to me has been faced with a hard decision in life. One that everyone comes face to face with at some point and is forced to make a decision.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Since we were young, we’ve been told that we need to build a future for ourselves. At least once in your childhood you’ve been asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” – at a young age we aspire to be astronauts, archaeologists, veterinarians, princesses, the president, etc. These things are pretty spectacular, am I right? Hell yeah! I still want to be a princess! (haha) At that young age, the things you read about, or watch on TV, inspire you to be that princess or that veterinarian.

Fast forward – years down the road, you’re still in school and you’re asked again, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” – your answers change. You’re a little more experienced in life and know what it takes to become those things you once dreamed of. You answer may sound something like this; a teacher, an accountant, a physical therapist , a finance consultant, a personal trainer, etc.

Not very often do you come across a person doing what they love for a living. Why? What are we afraid of? The commitment? Failing? Some one telling you NO?


Commitment, in life or in relationships, can be a scary thing for some people. Why shouldn’t they be? Feeling vulnerable is the most “out of our comfort-zone” thing you can experience. We are proud – and being afraid to put ourselves out there and possibly fail at something is not always something we’re exactly fine dealing with. But no one ever accomplished anything by not taking a leap of faith, stepping out of their comfort zone, and committing to go after their aspirations.


F.A.I.L – I read once, that this is an acronym for First. Attempt. In. Learning. A lot of people are afraid of failing so badly, that they don’t make an effort to try at all. Why should we let the fear of failure stop us from living? It’s almost impossible to go through life and not experience some type of failure. Don’t live so cautiously through life that you go nowhere. Then, you’re not really living at all, are you?


Oo. Ouch. Rejection. Not everyone’s forte. Some one told you no? You want to know what that means? Next. Opportunity. The sooner you can accept “No” the sooner you’ll move forward. It’s only a temporary set back that you can use towards your determination.

The action I want you to take is to ask yourself – “What do I love to do?” Maybe it’s being a teacher, maybe it’s being a nurse, and just maybe it’s being an artist. Go back the your “childhood” mind-set when you knew anything’s possible. 

The world needs DREAMERS. Be inspired. Follow your dream, and do what you love.

Made You Blush | Beauty by Jenna

Here Comes The Bride...

Planning a wedding for 2016? Well then, you can’t walk down the isle without a little glam can you?!

Save the Date.

Now, more times than not, brides wait until the very last minute to set appointments with makeup artists. Think of it as setting an appointment with your wedding planner – now, if you’re like my sister, Amanda (on the right), and you have superhero power that allows you to take on the tasks as wedding planner/bride, then have at it! But, if you don’t double as a wedding planner/bride – then, I can’t stress it enough, book your date with your makeup artist.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked to do makeup for the bride/bridal party a week before their wedding, and I regrettingly had to deny the request because I couldn’t fit them in. :(

All Eyes On You

So you have the perfect dress, the perfect bridal party, the perfect location, the perfect invitations – and why shouldn’t everything be perfect – this is YOUR big day isn’t it?

Now you can have the perfect makeup look! Whether it be full glam, soft & sultry, or au naturel – do it right! The picture above is one of the many looks I’ve done on brides and their best girls on the big day. Summer weddings call for sun-kissed warm tones, and what better look than this one? If you’d like to see more bridal makeup I’ve done check out my instagram page >> beauty.x.jenna << or click the link at the bottom of the page!

Want to book an appointment? jenna@madeyoublush.me is where you can set the date with me!

New Year, New Opportunities!

It’s 2 0 1 6 !! – New year. New dreams. New hopes. New experiences.

What are some of the goals you’ve set for yourself for the year? Whether it’s a short-term goal, intermediate goal, or long-term goal – it’s important to set them and work hard to accomplish them. You never know where it will take you.

I don’t know about you – but 2016 – this is my year. I’ll be graduating, taking on makeup school, working a new position at my current job that I was recently promoted to, and taking my makeup venture to a whole new level!

I find that the more goals I set, the more opportunitiesarise. I’ve recently set a goal to put myself out there, show people what I can do with make up and it’s seemingly, paying off!

Time to pop the champagne again guys (and not just for the New Year) I’ve been getting a lot of requests for bridal makeup. Luckily, it’s something I’m pretty experienced in (by word of mouth) and now that I’m advertising – requests keep coming and I can’t wait for the first appointment!

It’s the little things (like this little success) that keep me motivated!

So, be bold, take a chance, make a change and accomplish your 2016 goals! Good things will come.

i am my own worst enemy..


It’s easy to get discouraged when you’re going after your dreams. Sometimes it’s not others that discourage you, or tell you “it can’t be done.” No, no – those are your motivators. But the discourager? Yourself. Your inner critic.

My inner critic happens to be an asshole *insert laughing emoji* – and I’m meeting more and more of her the more I pursue my dreams *insert intimidated emoji*. If you’ve been following me on social media and/or read my last blog post, you know I’m currently stepping out of my comfort zone and, what feels like, into a war zone – with myself, that is.

I’m inspired by so many talented makeup artists like, Carli Bybel, Hrush, Kat Von D, Liza Lash, Huda Kattan (just to name a few). Let’s face it, they are phenomenal at what they do! These ladies make me feel like it’s possible to do what I love!  And why not?

Well – my inner critic begs to differ – apparently, there are many reasons to “why not?” and she’s not afraid to hold back with her bullet point list of reasons. 

you’re not experienced enough

you don’t have the right tools

you’re not creative

you don’t have a cosmetology background

you’ll only get as far as working in a retail shop

no one will want you to do their make up

stop while you’re ahead

The list goes on and on.

How does some one overcome this? Well, you can either be your own worst critic, or your biggest supporter. From this day forward, I’m going to choose to believe in myself, push to conquer my dreams, and be the makeup artist that so many idols have inspired me to be!

In this battle within myself, I’ve learned one thing “you must first love yourself” before you can love anything else.

So, inner critic, bring it on! *insert fist punch emoji*

hello beautiful!

Welcome to my beauty blog!

Doing makeup has always been my passion, but it never seemed realistic. All my life I’ve heard “you need to go to college”, “you need to get a degree that’s worth something”, “you need to study something that’s going to guarantee you a job right after school”. While all this encouragement and guidance was great, and it lead me to a degree in Accounting and Finance, I knew that’s not all I was meant to do. Day and night I pictured myself doing something I loved – makeup. Ever since I was a little one I’d sneak into my mothers makeup bag (like any little girl does) and would play with the bright lipstick and eyeshows. To this day, I’m still just like that little girl – playing with makeup. all. the. time.

So I’m finally going after my dream! With some help from my friends and family, I’ve built the confidence to go after this goal – and this blog is to post about my journey there! So, welcome to my makeup venture!