Psst! I have ANOTHER Makeup Secret

We all love that "No Makeup" makeup look! But we have a hard time achieving it because we still have blemishes, dark spots, and other flaws we want to hide. 

Tip #1: LOVE YOUR FLAWS... and conceal them. 

Use concealer as you typically would - nothing changes here with this process. 

Tip #2: Mix your primer with your foundation

I know what you'e thinking - "Primer is suppose to go before your foundation" - but this process will actually retain the foundations coverage without it giving you the "cakey" look everyone dreads! This works best with cream foundation. By using cream foundation you get to reap the long-lasting durability it has over liquids and powders.

Mixing cream foundation with primer also helps the makeup blend seamlessly with the first layer of primer on your skin. 

If you have oily skin ..

.. your next thought is probably the same as mine was "I have oily skin, so I avoid cream foundation at all costs". Trust me, I know allll your feels on this touchy topic. I have all-day oily skin and HATE it with every ounce of my being. And let's face it, oil-free makeup ain't doing nothin' for us either.  So this brings me to: 

Tip #3: Oily Skin No More

When applying cream foundation use a wet sponge. Yup. Sprinkle some water on that baby and get to dabbin'. Most makeup has oil in it because it needs easy blend-ability. Using the wet sponge will pick up the foundations' opaque pigment but not the oils. Great coverage without the shine :) 


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