Make Your Makeup Look Professionally Done

Many people have mixed emotions when it comes to makeup. We love it. We love to hate it. Makeup is supposed to be fun - but makeup is really stinkin' annoying sometimes.. esp when your eyeliner doesn't look the same on both eyes - but we'll get to that at a later time in another blog post. 

Let's talk contour :) 

Contouring is your BFF. 

99.9% of professional makeup artists contour the face. So if you're wondering how movie stars, magazine-cover models, and even the Kardashian's always look so perfectly flawless .. other than a few lip injections, and nose jobs - it's because they have professional makeup artists contouring the heck out of their faces. 

What does contour do for you? Well - other than making your makeup application seemingly more difficult - which I promise is not as daunting as people make it seem - It's actually creating a way to bring out features you love about yourself, and hide the imperfections you love to hate. Down-play your forehead while emphasizing your cheekbones. De-emphasize your nose while making your eyes pop! Contouring does all of this - it's an art. An art of highlighting & shading. 

I Don't Want No Mediocre Makeup 101 ...continued

  1. Get a concealer than matches your skin tone. Use this on the features you want to bring out. Getting a shade that is too light will potentially make you look kinda like a raccoon orrr like you forgot to blend in your bake powder. I use Maybelline Age Rewind FYI :) 
  2. CONTOUR GIRRRL!! We've all watched videos on how to contour. I don't question you know how --> my fav. contouring products: NYX Wonder Contour & Highlight Stick   or NYX Contour & Highlight Pro Pallet
  3. Finish with powder. Always. This is going to make your makeup last for hours! This process is also called "baking". It consists of finishing power or setting powder. Use this is spots where you tend to get oily, like your t-zone (nose, forehead, chin, and even under your eyes). Use this sparingly - if you use too much. You will look washed-out.  --> Try Nyx Studio Finishing Powder for this or even Maybelline Fit Me Translucent Powder

Stay tuned - more coming on makeup secrets, tips and trick to get professional-looking makeup done by YOU! #idontwantnomediocre 


jenna <3