the brow game changer

2 words. Wunder. Brow. Which is actually one word if you're into technicalities. 

I was a little sketched out to try it at first, there is always new makeup trends out there and we all want to be innovative when it comes to makeup, right? 

When trying out something new my initial thought is always: "do you need it? don't waste your money on something you don't need - it may not even work that well". Although I just wanted to impulse buy, and try it out. I waited and waited and waited until I couldn't bare to watch more makeup artists try this product out, and LOVE it. Sooooo... I bought it. 

Needless to say, its my new makeup baby. I'm absolutely in love with the way this product feels on my little brow hairs - it's not heavy, and it gives my brows a NATURAL, sleek, look. 

Raise your hand if you've ever felt personally victimized by BAD BROWS. Yes, Mean Girls reference, well because, brows are the Regina George of your face. And if your brows aren't "so fetch" then - in the words of Janice Ian - THEY ARE LIFE RUINERS. THEY RUIN PEOPLE'S LIVES. 

Ok, let's stop trying to make fetch happen, and get back to the point. In this day and age, your brows need to be filled in. We don't want to be walking around with Maleficent eyebrows (not the fierce, Angelina Jolie, one - the green one with the dark-as-night-brows). Brows should be natural. And wunderbrow does just that! it's fills & lines your brows, and once it's dry, it's STAYING. 

Wunderbrow is a game changer. The brow game changer. Check it out, I know you're going to love it just as much as I do; 


beauty by jenna