airport muse & travel tips

It's 6 o'clock in the morning as I patiently wait for my airport coffee that is desperately needed after the struggles of checking bags and waiting in the security line. 'Tis the season for travel - whether for business or pleasure, the security line at the airport seems to always be flooded with people headed to another destination. 

For you guys, I hope it's somewhere sunny and 75, and full of tranquility. If so, catch a few rays, and throw back some Corona for me. ☀ī¸ (I could use it over this coffee) 


In my case, I'll be traveling for business for a few months. I consider myself fortunate to get to travel to a different destination every other month or so, and meet new people in the process. So I guess you could say, I really like my day job. Not many can say that, these days. 

So when I travel for business it's pretty obvious I have to be well represented because I never know when I can unexpectedly run in to clients. I'm not a fan of packing a ton of stuff (which is not the case for me right now). If you'd see everything I pack now - you'd assume I was going on a trip for a coupl weeks as opposed to four to five days. This is either because I have anxiety about not having the right outfit or makeup look. Or I'm not organized enough to have set outfits and just one makeup look for the whole trip. (But as a makeup artist one makeup look can be saddening) So let's plan to two. 😚

So I want to have a go-to travel makeup bag. Right now, I'm cramming all my stuff into one instead of just taking what is necessary. So I figured, what better place to sort this out than my blog? That way I can share with you guys too! 

Lets Start with the Basics

No matter what makeup look you're going for - you still need your basics.  

  1. Concealer  
  2. Powder
  3. Foundation
  4. Lip Balm  
  5. Eyeliner  
  6. Mascara  
  7. Brushes  

Moving on from basics.. 

  1. NYX Contour & Highlight Pro Palette - in powder. This kit will make it MUCH easier for blending - rather than trying to dab dab dab away at my face. All I'll need is a brush and make a few swipes where I want the highlight and contour.  
  2. Colour Pop lippie pencils and foxy mini kit - simple - small matte liquid lipsticks packed into a box of fav lip colors. Perfect for travel and mixing it up to show a few different looks.
  3. Tarte cosmetics eyeshadow palette, another perfect-for-travel gem. Has enough colors to be able to mix it up along with your colourpop mini kit lipsticks. 
  4. Estee Lauder's blush (and the color is escaping me) but it's this beautiful gold tone and just makes your cheeks pop! I love it!  
  5. Carli Bybel Palette - well, because it's just always my go-to palette! Highlighter and the perfect neutral shadows you could imagine all in one.  
  6. can't forget my BH Cosmetics brow palette. That thing is a God-send! 

Screw it I'm packing it all. Too indecisive for all this! (Haha) JK!! 

I think this is a good start! Let me know what you guys think - or maybe something I can add from your experience?

If you guys are interested in knowing what products I use for "the basics" check out my other blog post "My Top 10" - and you'll have all the answers!  

My plane is landing now! Time to go wait in baggage claim and hope my luggage made it to Texas with me. Cross your fingers for me!  Â 

xoxo 💋