Fri-yay? More like Fri-nay.

It's that time for me - you know the one. When mother nature rudely graces her presence every month to remind you, you still haven't had children, yet. It's like, can we turn this into a positive? You can just send me a notification on Facebook, or even a nice text that says "Hey you! You go girl, you're not pregnant! - keep on keepin' on". 

No. Momma N is not just touching base - she's coming to stay.... for a week. And it's going to be hell. It's like, okay Ma, CAN YOU BE ANYMORE ANNOYING?! Then you slam the bedroom door in her face, lock her out, and write in your diary about how much of a bitch she can be.

And what's a girl without her bff? Momma N has one - and her bff has "I'm a miserable bitch" written across her forehead, and she full-on-Kim K, "can't even". And oh! Look at that! Grandma Nature is in town and she noticed you lost 4lbs since she saw you last month (as if it's a bad thing). She made sure to bring ALL of the food(s) to "put some meat on your bones!" and we can NOT hurt her feelings.

Did you say you wanted to be productive today? Forget about it. Nothing can stop those cramps except a heating pad and the fetal position. 

Is there an inspirational book we can read that will help us get through hell week? If so - there's probably no chance your migraine is going to allow you to read it. Turn the lights out. 

If you're in the same sit. as me, stay strong. We can get through this. At least we get the entire weekend to recover, right?