buzzzzzy bee!

Hey guys! It's been awhile and I apologize for abandoning my blog  - things have been crazy in this wonderful world of mine - I just had to take a break to get back on track of things! 

If you follow my instagram page (where I share all my favorite looks) then you haven't really missed much. If you don't (you're missing out! lol) that's still okay, I still have much to update you all on. 

I'm finally moving into the new apartment I've had my eyes set on for awhile this week - which means (drum rolllllll, please) I'll finally be doing video tutorials. If you remember my quick contouring how-to video, it's going to very similar. You know, the 15 sec. fast-pace video's on little tips and tricks for getting the ultimate beat you want to rock. 

This is only temporary - I will be starting a YouTube page for you all to subscribe to in the next month or two when things start to slow down for me. Traveling season has begun for the new year - which mean city after city for the next month - so bear with me for upcoming content! :) Hopefully by the time I'm done traveling I'll be a few steps closer to the YouTube page. 

Thanks so much for being patient with me! More blog posts coming soon. <3