where do we find our inspiration?

“Aspire to Inspire”

-Carli Bybel

Some one very important to me has been faced with a hard decision in life. One that everyone comes face to face with at some point and is forced to make a decision.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Since we were young, we’ve been told that we need to build a future for ourselves. At least once in your childhood you’ve been asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” – at a young age we aspire to be astronauts, archaeologists, veterinarians, princesses, the president, etc. These things are pretty spectacular, am I right? Hell yeah! I still want to be a princess! (haha) At that young age, the things you read about, or watch on TV, inspire you to be that princess or that veterinarian.

Fast forward – years down the road, you’re still in school and you’re asked again, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” – your answers change. You’re a little more experienced in life and know what it takes to become those things you once dreamed of. You answer may sound something like this; a teacher, an accountant, a physical therapist , a finance consultant, a personal trainer, etc.

Not very often do you come across a person doing what they love for a living. Why? What are we afraid of? The commitment? Failing? Some one telling you NO?


Commitment, in life or in relationships, can be a scary thing for some people. Why shouldn’t they be? Feeling vulnerable is the most “out of our comfort-zone” thing you can experience. We are proud – and being afraid to put ourselves out there and possibly fail at something is not always something we’re exactly fine dealing with. But no one ever accomplished anything by not taking a leap of faith, stepping out of their comfort zone, and committing to go after their aspirations.


F.A.I.L – I read once, that this is an acronym for First. Attempt. In. Learning. A lot of people are afraid of failing so badly, that they don’t make an effort to try at all. Why should we let the fear of failure stop us from living? It’s almost impossible to go through life and not experience some type of failure. Don’t live so cautiously through life that you go nowhere. Then, you’re not really living at all, are you?


Oo. Ouch. Rejection. Not everyone’s forte. Some one told you no? You want to know what that means? Next. Opportunity. The sooner you can accept “No” the sooner you’ll move forward. It’s only a temporary set back that you can use towards your determination.

The action I want you to take is to ask yourself – “What do I love to do?” Maybe it’s being a teacher, maybe it’s being a nurse, and just maybe it’s being an artist. Go back the your “childhood” mind-set when you knew anything’s possible. 

The world needs DREAMERS. Be inspired. Follow your dream, and do what you love.

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