hello beautiful!

Welcome to my beauty blog!

Doing makeup has always been my passion, but it never seemed realistic. All my life I’ve heard “you need to go to college”, “you need to get a degree that’s worth something”, “you need to study something that’s going to guarantee you a job right after school”. While all this encouragement and guidance was great, and it lead me to a degree in Accounting and Finance, I knew that’s not all I was meant to do. Day and night I pictured myself doing something I loved – makeup. Ever since I was a little one I’d sneak into my mothers makeup bag (like any little girl does) and would play with the bright lipstick and eyeshows. To this day, I’m still just like that little girl – playing with makeup. all. the. time.

So I’m finally going after my dream! With some help from my friends and family, I’ve built the confidence to go after this goal – and this blog is to post about my journey there! So, welcome to my makeup venture!