crazy, EASY, contouring!!

Easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy! 

Contouring - you know, that crazy hot trend that's turning a basic pancake face into bombshell makeup. It looks great but can be over-the-top CONFUSING

Well, I gotta give the credit where it's due! I picked up a Cosmo mag not long ago and finally decided to dive in. There's an article on Crazy-Easy Contouring (yes, I do research - surprise!!!) and it's a face-sculpting technique that isn't so damn hard! And I recommend this to anyone who just can't get the hang of the crazy lines, and blending, and baking gig.

The picture to the right is a look I created by doing this quick and simple technique and I think we've got something here, ladies!  

I started off with illuminating perfecting primer from Estee Lauder. Spread a dime-size drop of that over my entire face. Primer helps keep your contour on all day & night!

1. Sculpt yo features girl!

Define your bone structure by taking your go-to bronzer (I use the bronzer from the Carli Bybel palette) and draw a line above your brows, down the sides of your nose, below your cheek bones, and on the tippy tippy, top of your chin. 

2. The fiercer, the better! 

Make your features pop by dabbing highlighter on the center of your forehead, down the middle of your nose, above your cheekbones, and on top of your chinny chin.


3. Blend

Use a foundation brush to blend the highlighter and bronzer with an "outward" motion - moving it toward the edges of your face. 

4. Give it some life! 

Add a little color - tap a blush brush into your fav blush (i use estee lauder) and swirl it onto those apples girl! (apples of your cheeks, that is). 

TAA-DAA  - look at you, bombshell! You're done. Just add some lippie color, and some mascara (or your fav falsies) for some glam - the world is your runway!